Trade Like A Titan

Last update - Nov 14, 2022

02 -

Atlas Supercharges Your Trading Workflow

With machine learning allowing you to focus on thesis-driven, horizontal thinking, we realized that we could take non-fungible asset trading to the next level through the user interface.
The workflows and user interfaces for non-fungible assets haven't changed recently. They've always got the same old grid or table view. However, traders are used to workflows that allow them to evaluate the assets they're trading against their thesis: over time. These temporal user interfaces allow traders to use technical signals, behavioral analysis, and market technicals to make stronger conclusions about the assets they're evaluating.
With that in mind, we started working on an all-new user interface for non-fungible assets that allows people to trade assets in thesis-driven workflows. The result, our Titan View, brings a familiar trading experience to traders who are used to equities, crypto, and other fungible assets. The key difference here, however, is that traders can evaluate these assets using either price or discount as the vertical axis.
Atlas allows you to leverage the power of machine learning in your trading workflow to gain a supercharged advantage.

03 -

Atlas Is Not A Marketplace

We love marketplaces. If you're a marketplace, we'd like to work with you and drive you more liquidity (or we already do).
Atlas does not, and will not, maintain an order book. We create value in other ways which will drive significantly more liquidity to the marketplaces we work with. It's not that marketplaces aren't an interesting business model: they are. It's rather that the marketplace gap has been filled, the problem is solved, and we'd like to spend our time creating solutions for problems that haven't yet been solved.
This said, Atlas is a very compelling aggregator. To our knowledge, our aggregator far outperforms all other aggregators on the market today by gas efficiency, saving our users lots in fees. We’ll be releasing Tenderly dashboards soon as proof points here.
But, it's also not just an aggregator: Atlas creates greater liquidity by providing better analysis and insights to users who can in turn execute their strategies much more rapidly and intelligently. We're not just an aggregator, we're a supercharger.

04 -

Where Is Atlas Headed?

Our mission is simple:
Increase liquidity for non-fungible assets.
Titan-ing the spread means that markets become more efficient, which means that assets will experience more volume and we will experience more liquidity. The more people know about what they're buying and selling, and the easier we make it to buy and sell, the tighter the spread will be, and the more liquidity will exist in these markets.
We will soon be launching institutional-grade trading infrastructure, including automated programmatic order execution. We also intend to expand to more settlement layers and marketplaces as soon as we can. Please let us know if you’re an institution that’s interested in being a design partner using our inquiries form.
Ultimately, we'd like to bring more asset classes into the hands of eager investors and traders, and we’ve built our platform with this in mind at scale.

05 -

What Can Atlas Do For You?

If you are a trader, the best way we can bring your experience to the next level is through receiving feedback from you. If you have any suggestions or comments, please jump into Discord and let your voice be heard in #feedback, #ui-ux-ideas, #bug-squashers, or #feature-requests.
If you're a marketplace and would like to join our growing ecosystem, the best way to get in touch is through our quick and easy inquiries form. Please feel free to reach out with your vision for how Atlas can help grow your platform and drive liquidity.
If you're a developer and would like to use Atlas' data, insights, or order execution in your application, please don't hesitate to jump into our documentation. We'll also try to answer any questions as soon as you have them in our #open-a-ticket channel in Discord.
If you're a market maker or institutional trading fund, please let us know through our inquiries form. We're exploring working with design partners for insights and signal generation to automated trading strategy execution.

Have a nice stay and happy hunting! 🚀✨